Kristy Rowland - embRace 5K

"As for this year, I thought it was great. The only change I would make is to put mile markers up. It helps encourage the runners when they have reached those one mile increments. Can't wait for next years race!!"

Andrew Van Hoof - embRace 5K

"Regarding the race, I personally thought it was well organized and very official. One suggestion for next year would be to make the starting and ending locations more specific on the map of the race. A lot of us were not sure exactly where to go. Other than that, for all of the "first annual" 5K's I've run, that was the most professional one by far. I hope next year the weather holds out, because if I'm free I'll definitely be back!"

Lindsay Chatham - embRace 5K

"I enjoyed the race. The run was enjoyable with no dreaded hills except the one going to SMS. (I hate hills.) I only stayed for the run so I do not have much input. I will be running it again next year."

Meredith Holley - embRace 5K

"It was one of the best 5k's I've ever ran, I loved the country road course, although I have not ran many, this one was my favorite thus far! It was very organized and I enjoyed the scenery! The shirts are awesome too! I will definitely be participating if there is one next year!"